You are a woman looking at a new wardrobe for your exercise routine. There are certain clothing items which you are supposed to buy and others which you are supposed to avoid. Some clothes can make you the laughing stock at the gym if in doubt consider hiring a slough female personal trainer for a once over. Here are some clothing items you must avoid:

A big t-shirt

You are at slough gym and an oversized t-shirt will only hide your frame. You will look like you do not care about your appearance and you do not have any friends. You might feel like you have a lot of exercising to do and you will not want any ladies gym wear clinging on to your body. You must avoid this t-shirt and try a t-shirt which will fit your frame!

Putting your hair out

You are not a celebrity and what you see on the news or magazine is not the real thing. You might be spraying perfume at the gym and trying to reenact an episode of the mean girls with that husky tone in your voice. Guess what, you must stop doing everything you are doing! You need to tie your hair and tone down on the perfume. You are not hear for a fitness commercial you are here to exercise and burn some fat.

Colored leggings or pants

You must avoid colored leggings as when you do sweat you can develop sweat patches which aren’t very appealing to the eye. You will also be putting your body on display for everyone to see. Unless you are confident, go girl! You must understand that pants like this can only draw unwanted attention to your body. Stay away from colored leggings and opt for grey or black ones which you can purchase at the ladies gym wear section of any clothing store.

Tight clothing

You might be very fit or you might like to show off the assets god gave you either way you are asking for some stares at the gym. You might also just run on the treadmill for a few minutes to show off your breasts. You are here to exercise and if you are showing off your lady bits you might as well head out to the club avoid clothes which are too tight on your frame! Do not come to the gym if you are not wearing any bra as you will be asking to get saggy in 10 years to come.

A hat

A hat is just simply strange! You must never wear a hat at the gym unless you are suffering from a cold or wheeze. A hat will make people wonder whether you do have some sort of deformity or head lice that you need to hide from. If you want to make some friends at the gym avoid the hat please!

Remember to stay away from these items if you are seeking to buy new gym clothes!