Dear Fellow Bodybuilder:

My name is Edward, Im from slough Berkshire and I am here to  share the secrets on how to build enormous amounts of muscle mass  without drugs while simultaneously losing pounds & pounds of body fat.

My story begins when I was a teenager that was seriously overweight  (80 pounds plus to be accurate), and extremely unhappy with the way I  looked. I had dreams of being fit and muscular one day, but everyone  else would laugh at me telling me that I was always going to be fat  forever. At 5 feet tall and 180 pounds, it seemed like an impossible  goal to achieve.

One day being tired of the way I got treated by everyone else and the  way I felt, I decided to take charge and began a diet that would get  rid of all the extra weight. I followed the diet that most people that  need to lose weight usually follow: the starve to death diet. The  difference between most people and me was that most people usually quit  their starvation diet within a week; I didn't. To make a long story  short, I became anorexic and after a year I ended up weighing 90 lbs. My  family, concerned about the situation decided to take me to a  nutritionist that dealt with cases like this. This nutritionist told me  something that completely changed my life: "Food will not make you fat;  It is the abusive intake of the wrong kinds of food that will". That  sentence made so much sense to me that I decided to slowly increase my  food intake and follow the diet that she prescribed.

At that point in my life I became interested in the subject of  nutrition, and began reading articles about the subject. One day, I  began looking at the muscle magazines in the supermarket and saw a  picture of the one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger. From that moment on, I  knew exactly how I wanted to look. It was in that summer of 1990 that I  began my bodybuilding journey. Now, almost ten years later and 100  pounds heavier, I decided to share with everyone the way in which I  accomplished this remarkable physique transformation, in hopes, that you  (the reader) can feed from my knowledge and achieve the bodybuilding  goals that you have as fast as humanly possible.

In my quest to get big, I decided to adopt the 2-4 hour champ  routines that appeared on the magazines and at the beginning that  yielded good results. I would go by GNC and got me some weight gaining  powder that made me gain both muscle and fat. However, after the initial  6 months of training I started to gain more fat than muscle and that is  when I began to panic. I know what a personal trainer knows.

At that point, I began going to the nutrition store more frequently  searching for answers in a bottle. I tried every single product you can  imagine. I tried every single champion routine and noticed that I would  only get marginal results. Frustrated and broke, I decided to stop  reading and buying supplements and instead concentrate all my efforts  into finding the answers myself by using the scientific method. After  all, in order for most champions' routines to work, you need to have a  pharmacy of drugs running through your veins and supplements are just  that; supplements. Nothing magical about them; absolutely nothing.  Medicines were never an option since after you stop using them the size that you gained with them disappears as well (so what's  the point?).

Determined to find the answers, I began by creating a routine and a  diet , following it by six weeks and then writing down the results. By  doing this, I would have written documentation of what kind of practices  would bring in the results and which would not. I repeated this process  countless times. Some of my experiments failed miserably (like when I  tried a super high volume routine with a 5000 calorie diet and hours of  aerobics) but other experiments were extremely successful.

So finally, after years of documentation and trial and error going to slough buzz gym I have  being able to put together a system that will yield consistent muscle  mass gains week after week. The system works no matter who you are or  what shape you are in and it is tailored towards your specific  metabolism and goals.

If you want enormous strength, rock hard, tightly defined muscles, a  small waist, ripped abs, a massive back, a majestic chest, powerful  biceps/triceps and legs, and the capacity to outperform your peers by an  enormous margin, my system can make it happen faster than you ever  though possible with the right personal trainer. My system will pile on mass on top of mass even after  you have maxed out with traditional training techniques. No more bulking  up and trimming down. No more losing size to get cut. This system will  give you everything you need to know so that you can grow and lose fat  at the same time. With the right personal trainer you too can have it all!