It’s  a sad fact that most strength training programs are actually designed  to keep you from reaching your goals. It doesn’t matter what your goal  is: if you’re trying to get a stronger grip, more muscle endurance, or  just increase your max lifting weight, it’s all the same. There’s no  conspiracy going on – it actually makes sense when you stop and think  about it.

The fitness industry is a juggernaut. In the US alone, did you know?

  • The health club industry raked in over £14 billion (yes, that’s billion with a “b”) last year.
  • There are over 30,000 fitness clubs with over 45 million members.
  • The industry employs over 500,000 people which are paid over £3 billion a year.

The industry will do what it must to keep itself alive.

99% of the time, keeping itself alive means keeping you out of shape.  Think about it. The vast majority of money is spent on products  designed to get people back into shape. Maintaining fitness is not  nearly as profitable. So the industry, naturally, tries to keep people  cycling in and out of shape to reap in the money.

The Weak and the Strong

Don’t blame the little guy. Don’t blame your local mom and pop  fitness club. They’re victims just like you. The problem is that methods  of fitness have been tainted for a very long time. After all, how long  have health clubs been in business? This situation is the result of  generation old practices of everything from fitness marketing to  personal trainer training.

The fact is, the strength training routines that most gyms and most  trainers push will bring short term results. You can follow the methods  that most “fitness gurus” tell you and you will see improvement. At  least, for a while. Eventually you’ll hit a plateau, which is where  these methods start to fail.

There’s  a real problem when a fantastic athlete rises to stardom, and a hoard  of fans start learning his training regimen. They follow the exact same  exercises, eat the exact same food, and take the exact same supplements.  Unfortunately, their results will be anything but exact.

That’s because superstar athletes owe just a small part of their success to their training, nutrition, or supplements.  One in a million athletes have one in a million genetics. This is the  reason for their success more than anything else. The average Joe can  follow their routine all they want, but they won’t get the same results.

Strength Training for Everyone

What Average Joe should do instead is find a training program that  wasn’t built for superstars. He needs one that was designed for Average  Joe. Something to turn him into Extraordinary Joe.

It’s possible for just such a program to be created. Scientists have  been researching nutrition and fitness for decades. Their case studies  have slowly shifted from a focus on what makes extraordinary people so  extraordinary, to how the rest of us can get as fit as we can. This is  evident in the rise of the personal trainer business, appearance of fitness boot camps, and the increase in the size of the industry in general.

Once science started trying to answer that question, it was just a  matter of time before some good answers were provided. The study of  fitness yielded solid results, some of which we take for granted now:

  • Lower reps tend to build muscle strength, higher reps tend to build muscle endurance.
  • Allowing a muscle group to rest a day after a serious workout leads to more growth.
  • Endurance training can be enhanced by alternating levels of intensity.

The real “miracle” discoveries were waiting for one more revolution.

Mass communication

Thanks  to recent communication advances, like the internet, people around the  world can share information better than ever before. The collection of  global data is faster and easier than it’s ever been. This has allowed  for rapid advancement in many disciplines. Among them, you guessed it,  fitness. Collaboration among multiple experts has lead to the creation  of a breakthrough product.

Now you can take advantage of the culmination of years of scientific research with this Strength Training Program.  This product has been vigorously refined to maximize the results while  minimizing the time and effort. Don’t waste any more time going through  routines that were not designed with you in mind. Get the workout program that was designed with you in mind.

Or would you rather keep wasting time in the gym, not getting the results that you could be?