1)What if I am overweight and I just want to lose weight and get fit.  Can I still benefit from the program?

You bet!  As a matter of fact, you will lose weight at a faster rate  than people that do not lift weights as lifting weights increases your  muscle mass.  The more muscle mass you acquire, the faster your  metabolism will be!  Do you know what this means?  This means that as  you get more muscular, your fat will burn faster as you are burning more  calories at rest.  Neat isn't it?  Also, with the diets that we  recommend, you will not be starving any day soon.  As a matter of fact  we recommend that guys eat between 5-6 meals a day and girls between  4-5.  Also, if you need to lose big amounts of fat, we even suggest that  you increase your food intake over the weekends in order to further  stimulate fat loss.

2)What if I have no time to follow complex programs?

Not a problem!  I have created this program so that it can be followed  by anyone. At the very minimum, you will need to dedicate three hours a  week to it (4 if you add three 20 minute sessions of aerobics as well).   There are 7 days a week and 24 hours per day.  Assuming that you sleep 8  hours per day, you still have 112 hours left.  Now, of course, we all  work.  So let's assume you work 60 hour weeks.  That still leaves 52  hours per week that are idle. Therefore, 3 or 4 hours of your time is a  very small investment considering the enhanced quality of life that you  will receive from it.

3)Is there a different workout for men and women?

No there isn't.  Since both sexes have the same physiology when it comes  to the muscular system, both will respond to the same training routine.   However, due to the fact that women do not have nearly as much  testosterone as men do, they will get a fit and sexy look, instead of  the bigger and more muscular look that guys will achieve.  The only way  for women to get brutally huge muscles that would make them lose their  femininity is by using anabolic steroids (synthetic forms of the male  hormone testosterone).  So don't worry ladies, Body Re-Engineering will  give you the cellulite free, fit sexy body that you have always dreamed  of.

4)Will I need expensive supplements to make it work?

Not at all.  Although we recommend a supplements program, there are only  two supplements that are really essential for the bodybuilder and they  are dirt cheap!  The first supplement is a good multivitamin and mineral  formula.  The second supplement is an essential fatty acids supplement,  as this good fats not only have antioxidant properties, but they also  have anticatabolic (muscle preserving) properties as well.  In addition,  a lack of these type of fats can suppress hormonal production.  These  fats can be added to the diet in the form of virgin olive oil (which can  be found in any supermarket).

5)Are there any special food that I will need to buy in order to be able to follow the program?

Not at all.  You will be buying things like chicken, turkey, lean  steaks, lean fish, potatoes, rice, oatmeal, milk, water, and vegetables,  all of which you can find at your nearest grocery store.

6)Can women use it to get fit without getting huge?

Definately!  Like I have mentioned before, there is a misconception that  women that lift weights end up looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger.   While that may be desirable for a man, it is not for a woman.  However,  since women do not have the testosterone levels that guys do, it is  chemically impossible for women to end up looking huge.  Weight training  provides women with the fit sexy body that they have always dreamed of.

7)Who answers any questions that I may have on the program?

That would be me.  I personally answer every single question that you  ask.  I don't have a staff of people doing that for me as that would  inccur into extra costs and I would not even be able to track the  quality of the service.  Therefore, I answer all of the questions myself  within 24 hours.  

8)How soon will I receive the program after I order it?

I ship it by Priority Mail within 24 hours of me receiving the order.   Therefore, you will get it 2 days after I ship it.  (However, if you  order on a Saturday afternoon, I won't be able to ship it until Monday).

9)Will I need to use protein powders to make the program work?

Not at all.  Regardless of what the magazines will like you to beleive,  food can provide you with all the protein that your body will need.   However, if you live a fast paced lifestyle and you cannot sit down to  eat a real meal every three hours, then protein powders will provide you  with the convenience that you need.  Other than that, they won't  provide you any less or any more benefits than real food will give you.   When I am on the run, I like to use Natural Whey, the 5 lb. tub by  Optimum Nutrition (and by the way, they are not paying me to say this).  If you have the time to prepare, 5 or 6 real meals a day, then forget  about protein powders.

If you have any other questions about the manual that you would like  answered, feel free to e-mail them to me and I will be more than glad to  answer them.